We 'R Digital

... is a multidisciplinary one-stop-shop for creative ideas ready for the digital world. They provide creative ideas, strategies, and technicalities for a range of products varying from platforms & experiences to content & identities.

In need of a solid identity themselves, we created an identity that revolves around the different aspects of the company and the one subject that ties it all together; Communicating.

A visual device was brought to life, that could be used in a wide variety of ways. Creating a unique philosophy around using a logo visual device and illustrative component. 


The Final Result



Developing the style for We 'R Digital started with a briefless website sketch. The website wouldn't be created as a functional design, but more as an example and exploration of style. 

In the showcased example we've explored the usage of the logo, extra visual elements like speech bubbles and 'Blobs' and the way different color-sets would interact with showcased projects.

Everyone's Essentials

From the website on, we explored and iterated through on the essentials every company needs. Business cards and invoices. 

Digital Invoices were also created since it suited the premise of the company and makes the company more futureproof.



Apart from the above deliverables, and a comprehensive Styleguide, we created assets to showcase the work they would be slingshotting into the world and a way to present the wonderful faces behind We 'R Digital.